BuyingPeers is a consultancy and training company
dedicated to Procurement and Sourcing activities.

Created in 2012 by former Sourcing Managers & Directors,
we have one ambition : to act as peers.

Today, 100 employees of BuyingPeers support businesses
on all their direct and indirect Sourcing activities in sectors
as wide as industry, banking, insurance, services, energy and luxury.

Our Offer




Support Sourcing organizations’ developments

Optimize global costs

Manage risks

Create value

Who are we?

BuyingPeers was founded in 2012 by directors
Jerôme Pierucci and Guillaume Ginguené from :

An observation

An integrated solution of Consulting,
Recruitment and Training in the Sourcing
function did not exist in France.

A wish

Share our experience in a new fashion, by acting
like peers who bring solutions, side by side with your
teams, with a common purpose, on an equal footing.

The notion of “peer” led us to 3 beliefs

Put yourself in your counterpart’s shoes

in order to build together
unique and innovative solutions.

Interact with our clients
as peers

share our buyers’ and
managers’ experience.

Consider our collaborators
as companions

propose a prosperous journey,
by contributing to their skills.


33 years old,
average age
10 M€ of turnover
in 2017 in France
(1,4M€ in Switzerland )
4 BPO programms,
including 2 operational
since 2013
134 consultants
50% women
97 clients

Our ambition

Propose ever
innovating offers

Explore new
geographic horizons

Guarantee a wide diversity of
mission to our consultants

Keeping the BuyingPeers spirit is : surpass yourself - have fun - laugh much - dream - feel free and limitless

BuyingPeers is established in 3 European countries through 4 agencies:
Paris and Lyon for France, Geneva in Switzerland and Istanbul in Turkey.

Customers refrences

Our Values

Performance and continuity

Seek and deliver operational and performing solutions, making sure that they meet the client’s expectations on a long-term basis.

True success of a team is ensure competitivity in continuity. Alain Prost

Empathy and courage

Have the courage to always say what we think after having carefully taken into account the situation, the context and previous actions of the client.

Courage is nothing without reflection Euripide.

Pleasure and creativity

Take pleasure in the research of new and innovative solutions while making sure to meet operational needs.

A constant confrontation between theory and experience is a necessary condition for the expression of creativity. Pierre Joliot

Rapidity and business

Buy in order to serve business, with the necessary agility and rapidity to execute according to tomorrow’s business stakes.

In the new world, it is not the big fish which eats the small fish, it's the fast fish which eats the slow fish. Klaus Schwab


Our HR philosophy

Find our next peers, look for diversity of profiles and develop skills

Our assets

Senior or junior buyers, BuyingPeers offers you :

A diversity of missions
and experiences

Join a consulting company covering both
direct and indirect sourcing in all fields of activity
(industry, bank, insurance, automobile, defense, services…).

Privileged accompaniment

Develop consultants’ soft skills and increase their
hard skills performance. All Directors have worked
and evolved as managers of Sourcing departments,
and share their know-how and experiences.

A network and an identity

Develop a sense of belonging and cohesion.
BuyingPeers is always keen on organizing
get-togethers with every firm member.

A desire to grow together

Work in a collaborative approach.
The firm favors and values creativity
and proposals from collaborators.


8 Rue d'Uzès
75002 Paris
+33 1 84 16 17 23

Grands boulevard / Ligne 8 & 9
Bourse / Ligne 3
Opéra / Ligne 7 & 8


Car park
Place de la bourse (Vinci)


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