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BuyingPeers is PeersGroup’s specialist procurement subsidiary.

We offer our clients a 360-degree, flexible and expert approach to tackling all procurement and purchasing aspects and goals.

Our comprehensive service (Consulting, Operations, Academy) makes BuyingPeers a one-stop choice for procurement organizations and management teams. We support procurement organizations across the board, from taking the most strategic decisions to managing everyday operations.

We assist across all stages, from diagnostics, defining trajectory, structuring and overhauling operational procedures (Strategy, Policy, Organization, Processes, Working Methods and IS), to staffing, training and coaching teams, and full or partial operational procurement (BPO).

BuyingPeers’ 145 team members are skilled buyers by trade with a passion for new practices in procurement and all the challenges that come with it. In BuyingPeers, our staff members are given access to an expert firm that specializes in skill-set development, made up of inspiring entrepreneurs and offering incredibly broad opportunities for career development.

BuyingPeers is a key component of the PeersGroup ecosystem, and offers all clients 360-degree assistance in meeting their operational performance targets (purchasing, quality, supply chain, finance, legal and development).


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