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Three expert services ensure we’ve got you covered



  • Conducting operational audits based on a five-axes method
  • Structuring & rolling out organization
  • Defining & implementing transformation plans
  • Carrying out benchmarking & surveys


  • Diagnosing procurement portfolios and organization
  • Defining & implementing performance plans
  • Implementing highly technical programs: Make Or Buy, Design to Cost, Value Engineering;


  • Digital roadmaps & framework plans
  • Supporting clients in choosing and rolling out IS tools and new technologies (RPA, Blockchain, Chatbot, etc.);
  • Implementing Change Management programs


Technical Assistance

  • Providing specialist expertise & skill-sets
  • Providing expertise & department-specific management across all department categories & needs
  • Interim management

Managed Services

  • Rolling out & overseeing expert solutions, outsourced both full-time & job-shared
  • Managing business tasks (audits, budgets, contracts, calls for tender & bids, orders, invoicing, tax returns, etc.)
  • Handling support & admin tasks


  • Candidate sourcing and qualification
  • Evaluating interpersonal skills (personality test)
  • Recruiting executive staff & supporting them through the induction process



  • Diagnosing technical & interpersonal skills
  • Mapping out skill-set development plans
  • Skills-based sponsorship


  • Providing in-person & remote Business & Management training
  • Designing & running efficient training programs (crash courses, etc.)
  • Onboarding scheme


  • Department-specific one-on-one and/or group support across all priority areas & cycles
  • Coaching following a holistic approach
  • Consolidating interpersonal relations to boost technical performance

Fun 4 Procurement

BuyingPeers also assists start-up and new innovative tool development. BuyingPeers’ partners met with two young start-uppers in an experience that confirmed a striking observation: there is currently no digital solution on the market that allows companies to handle aspects surrounding calls for tender in a slick, efficient, quick and straightforward manner.

Over 80% of all calls for tender launched by companies have average volumes of between €50k and €1m. These volumes call for simple and effective tools that procurement teams should be able to use quickly and that comply with procurement standards, while providing procurement managers with an instant, detailed overview of sourcing operations.

Fun 4 Procurement injects speed, efficiency and control in procurement into the comprehensive software suite and e-sourcing tool market.

Adobis – DataChain

BuyingPeers is proud to have partnered up with Adobis Group.

Adobis Group is a Research & Development company specializing in big data capture and processing. The company designed and developed an agile data solution called DataChain, which covers all small and big data needs.
This platform collects, manages, processes, analyzes and presents multi-source heterogeneous data, both structured and unstructured.
DataChain optimizes data by lending it meaning and multi-faceted flexibility, as well as by expanding data cross-checking potential.

DataChain lets us model your procurement data to ensure we are as relevant and pertinent as possible in the analyses we run. This solution actively contributes to our ability to process and automate data, while boosting our management performance in handling your data projects.

Founded in 2014, Adobis Group draws on a management team that boasts over 25 years of experience in Health Information Systems, and in-depth knowledge of data issues. Adobis Group’s founders enjoyed their first taste of success with PrisMédiCa, a company they set up in 2002, and a leading medicalized information system program firm that was acquired by American group McKesson in late 2010. Once they had completed the handover stage, the founders decided to embark on a brand-new entrepreneurial adventure together. The Adobis Group’s vision emerged based on its founders’ understanding of how fundamental it is to lend meaning to data in this day and age, in order to anticipate and handle needs and threats, take advantage of opportunities, and build trust.

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